Beck's Self Defense
Affiliated with Double Dragon Kenpo Karate Schools

Robert Beck
Instructor / Owner
Black Belt



Call Us at: (559) 908-7046

We are proud members of Double Dragon Kenpo Karate Schools, (Dojos).  Our lineage is a direct line to the prestigious Parker/Planas Lineage American Kenpo style of karate.  We study with the finest martial artist around including my insrtuctor, Sifu JR Diaz, 7th degree black belt, Grandmaster Planas himself, 10th degree black belt.  We participate in several seminars a year and train with other instructors such as Grandmaster Trejo, 10 degree black belt, Sifu Zaninovich, 8th degree black belt and Guro Planas, sticks and knives expert.  These instructors are the best of the best and we are lucky to have their support.  They are known world wide and are in high demand EVERYWHERE

                              PRICE SCHEDULE

Below is the pricing schedule and pricing information for Beck's Self Defense.

There are no contracts at Beck's Self Defense. This means you will not be obligated to sign up for a certain period of time or a certain number of classes. You may choose to stop at any time and not be financially penalized for doing so. Any fees already paid for the month will be forfeited the remainder of the month however. A student waiver form and questionnaire will be required before any classes can begin.

New students will pay half price for the first month of instruction. Payment is expected before classes begin. The half price for the first month is to help offset the cost of a Gi, (Karate Uniform). This also allows the new student to see if karate is something they want to continue with for a reduced price. If it is, then the savings can be put towards the Gi.

A late fee of $15.00 will be added to a student's bill if payment is not received by the 8th of the month. This fee can be forgiven in certain circumstances. Contact the instructor if this is an issue that needs discussing.

The second month regular fees will be in place.

A Gi will be required for any testing and promotions. Testing and promotions are an additional cost, see below.

Classes will be held at a location that work for both the instructor and the student. Right now I only offer private lessons and semi private lessons, (two or more students who train together). I can come to your home or another location that works for you. Any location that charges a fee for its use must be paid for by the student(s).

Missed classes happen because life happens. The instructor may need to miss or the student. Classes can be made up at a time and date that work for both the instructor and the student. If the instructor misses a class or classes for any emergency or non-emergency and a time and date to make up the class can not be agreed upon, the monthly fee will be prorated for the next month to compensate for the missed class or classes.

Classes are held one day a week and are 45 minutes long.



Private Lessons

1 Student ------- $130.00 a month ------- 45 minute class time

Semi Private Lessons
2 Students ------- $75.00 a month each ------- 45 minute class time

Semi Private Lessons
3 or more Students -- $65.00 a month each -- 45 minute class time

Semi Private Lessons
Family rate, all family members living together at same home.

$185.00 a month for all ------- 45 minute class time

Additional Classes
These classes are available for active Double Dragon School members only.  These are single, pay per class lessons.

$25.00 each class ------- 1 hour class time



1.  All half belt testing, (13 years old and under) ------- $30.00
2.  Yellow Belt -------------- $30.00
3.  Orange Belt ------------ $35.00
4.  Purple Belt ------------- $40.00
5.  Blue Belt ---------------- $45.00
6.  Green Belt -------------- $50.00
7.  3rd Brown Belt -------- $70.00
8.  2nd Brown Belt ------- $80.00
9.  1st Brown Belt -------- $90.00
10.Black Belt -------------- $150.00


#     Description     Price

1     Light Weight Gi's --------- $47.00
2     Heavy Weight Gi's -------- $125.00
3     Large Crest ----------------- $40.00
4     Small Crest ----------------- $30.00
5     Name Patch ---------------- $25.00
6     Sanger Patch -------------- $25.00
7     D.D.K.K. Patch ------------ $25.00
8     I.K.K.A. Patch ------------- $25.00
9     Universal Patch ---------- $25.00

10     Sparring Equipment Set ------- $135.00
11     Head Gear -------------------------- $45.00
12     Hand Gear -------------------------- $45.00
13     Foot Gear --------------------------- $45.00
14     Mouth Piece ------------------------ $10.00
15     Shin Pads --------------------------- $25.00
16     Forearm Pads --------------------- $25.00


17     Escrima Sticks, (Set of 2 sticks) ------- $40.00
18     Kenpo Cards ---------------------------------- $45.00
19     DVD's -------------------------------------------- $25.00