Beck's Self Defense
Affiliated with Double Dragon Kenpo Karate Schools

Robert Beck
Instructor / Owner
Black Belt



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We are proud members of Double Dragon Kenpo Karate Schools, (Dojos).  Our lineage is a direct line to the prestigious Parker/Planas Lineage American Kenpo style of karate.  We study with the finest martial artist around including my insrtuctor, Sifu JR Diaz, 7th degree black belt, Grandmaster Planas himself, 10th degree black belt.  We participate in several seminars a year and train with other instructors such as Grandmaster Trejo, 10 degree black belt, Sifu Zaninovich, 8th degree black belt and Guro Planas, sticks and knives expert.  These instructors are the best of the best and we are lucky to have their support.  They are known world wide and are in high demand EVERYWHERE

About Us

 Beck's Self Defense Lineage

Affiliated with Double Dragon Kenpo Karate Dojos in central, CA. whose head instructor is Mr. Jr Diaz (7th Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo). Mr. Diaz is a direct student of Mr. Richard "Huk" Planas , 1st generation Black Belt under the creator of American Kenpo, Mr. Edmund Parker Sr.

Beck's Self Defense is run by Mr. Robert Beck (1st degree black belt under Mr. Jr Diaz). Mr. Beck offers private lessons for instruction in
techniques, forms and sets taught by Mr. Jr Diaz to the students of Beck's Self Defense.

As a leading provider of martial arts instruction, Double Dragon Kenpo Karate Dojos take pride in offering the best instruction in American Kenpo Karate.  Our students EARN their promotions through hard work, knowlege of the material and the ability to "make it work".  You will not find any children wearing black belts in any of our schools.  We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers and strive to do our best for them each and every day. Mr. Beck has been involved in the martial arts for 30 plus years and looks forward to hearing from you.  Please use the information provided above to make contact with Mr. Beck.  Thank you.